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Happy Days

Thursday, November 13, 2003

7:24PM - what to say.....

well....there's really not much to say, this will be my last entry due to current events, so i'm going to make it worth your while. but first, i have to think of shit to write. i'm really ecxited about christmas coming up. i love christmas. it's a good time of year, where everyone can just be at peace. unless of course your shopping at christmas time, than, people can get pretty ugly. bastards. kelli's at work, i hope she makes it home alive, it's pretty fuckin' snowy out there. i miss my dog. alot, and in order to see my dog i need to make sacrifices that i just care not to take. i'v schedualed my fuckin' road test again. i'm actually reading the book right now. so this time i'm pretty sure i'll pass. i really need my liscence. like bad. my best friend in the whole wide world is coming to see me december 6th!!! i can't wait, i miss her soooo much!!!! my place is looking good, it's getting a little messy, but other than that it's perfect. i'm soooo happy! i really need to find a date to the crosible christmas party, i think i'm gonna go. it sounds like fun. i'll prolly just go stag. what the hell. work is going well, i'm liking it...until i go to school of course. next fall i'll be moving to ithaca, closer to school, i'll have to find a night job. i wish i could go to ithaca college, but your required to be rich there, so there goes that idea. i'm going to go to tc3 for my associates degree in psycology, and hopefully after that i can move down south and get my bachelors and masters degrees. i want this more than anything in the world, and now that i'v finally decided this, i'm going to make it happen. there's a really cute girl at work...i'm not sure if she's into me, but she talks to me alot. i think i like her, but i don't know how to approach her. it sucks....oh well. i need to find a stove! i have no stove. i'v been buying all-ready-prepared dinners, and it's getting expensive. damnitt. i'm having pizza for dinner tonight. yup, there's another 10 bucks down the drain. i'v been good though, iv been saving alot for rainy days. i went to see texas chainsaw massecre again with my little sister it was a pretty good movie, you can defenetly tell that jessica biel has had breast implants, and her lips done in the movie. she's still pretty hot though. anyways that's all i have to say and i'm done with this fuckin' thing, because too many assholes can hackinto it and get passwords and shit so ....peace out everyone!

Current mood: amused

Friday, November 7, 2003

2:14PM - hhhhhhhmmmmmmm.............

somebody's got alot of time on their hands...or i mean me. you know doing all these drugs and all. because i have sooo much money to afford all these drugs. o wait, but i have my parents to thank for that don't i? this is actually kinda funny in a way. to all of my one online buddie, i would just like you to know, that drugs are all i need, and that next little blue pill maybe my last, but who the fuck cares i'm 21 and i can do whatever i want to myself right?

12:36PM - I'm so Fuck'in Happy!!!!!!!!

I'm so happy these days. i have my drugs back, i.e. pot, x, meth, acid. i missed all of these things over the past three years. i now know that these things are all i need in my life. oh wait i need my parents to mooch off of too. boy what would i do if i was on my own,i don't think i could make it. I've got it made.

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

5:19PM - Fuck, my mouth hurts

ouch. i went to the dentist yesterday, and i was there for atleast 3 and a half hours. it fuckin' sucked. i had temporary caps on my front four teeth, 2 on my back molars, and an upper right wisdom tooth extracted, i'm in alot of pain damnitt. i think it's time to take another dope pill. ibuprofin 8 rocks. it's almost as good as valium.....almost! i'v been feeling really good lately. now that i'm almost a completely different person. and it shows, my parents told me. i'm much more fun to have around...whatever that means. anyways, i really wish kayt would get a hold of me, there is soooo much i need to talk to her about. she better be prepared to hear an earful. bitch. lol. anyways i'm done, peace

Current mood: good

Saturday, September 13, 2003

11:17PM - Oh...what to write...

this week so far has been pretty good. lotta shit gettin done. which is good. this weekend i'v been fixin' up my new place. i'm so ecxited to be somewhat on my own. i feel so much more free. i feel like ripping my bra off and...nevermind:). i'v been really happy lately, i'v been kinda talking to someone...just talking. and it feels so good to finally connect with someone. i talk to her online, and it's not like i would ever go and meet her or anything, but she makes me relize that there is more to life than what it seems right now. my boss has been really understanding about the whole seperation, it's funny, he gave me a whole bunch of boxes for moving my stuff, and got me a refridgerator, my boss rocks. i got just about all of my stuff out of the trailer tonight. my mom stole ice cream out of the freezer....cheapskate!:) i couldn't believe she did it, but she's gonna call dick and tell him that she borrowed it. retard. haha. ran into an "old friend" today. i talked to her for quite a while about a bunch of shit. i kinda miss hanging out with her, but at the same time, i don't, cause she's just kinda fucked up or something. she said she would stop by tomorrow. fun. fun. anyways. i did the most discusting thing last weekend (while hanging out with kelli) i smoked!!! i know, i know it was bad, but with everything going on, i needed one. but i only smoked one, and gave the rest of the pack to meghan. i swear. that and i practically gagged when i took the first drag. yuck, and that's why i quit, and i havn't had one since. well thats' all i have for now. maybe i'll update again soon. peace to everyone

Current mood: contemplative

Friday, September 5, 2003

11:45PM - Finally, at peace

i am now at peace, and here i will stay for the rest of eternity. tonight i battled a demon within myself. i fought and i won god damnitt! i sigh with relief. (sigh) anyways last night dad and i went to ithaca to go shopping...i needed to talk to my dad. we had this huge discussion about certain events that have occured this week. we just had an all out slumber party on the way to ithaca. i havn't really felt like i connected with my dad before that, and it was such and incredible experience. my dad rocks. well i'm really fuckin' tired and i have to do some shit really early in the morning so have fun everyone and...........just hug everyone around you..........feel the love!!!!!!!!!!!

Current mood: jubilant

Wednesday, September 3, 2003

10:53PM - I hate this fuckin' rain....

yucky, the weather is fuckin' yucky. yucky weather makes me not want to post tonight. yucky. i actually have alot to put in, but i'm gonna wait until tomorrow. tomorrow, will be a better day, plus i want to get to bed somewhat early tonight. i have a terrrible feeling that this weekend is going to be hell for me. but...in the end it will be totally worth it!
until then, i'm signing off, have fun people. peace.

Current mood: melancholy

Tuesday, September 2, 2003

11:37PM - Ha...ha..i'm a condum!

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10:44PM - Where oh where is the end?

i don't really want to type anything right now, but i figure once i start on something stupid, it will eventually turn into a big fuckin' subject that i'll forget about in the next five minutes. so anyways...today sucked. i'm starting to really, really, really hate a certain someone, and anyone who knows me, knows i don't hate anybody, so it's pretty seriouse here people.:) no, i just have no patience for ignorance i guess. but who does? oh well. summer is completely over, everyone is heading back to school. i miss high school so much, you don't even understand, we all take the easy living for granted at that age, it's pathetic, and now more than ever, were kicking ouselves in the ass for it! well i am atleast. on to other things, nothing has changed, just as bored and depressed as usual. mazzy starr rocks. i'm listening to fade into you! it's a righteous song. anyways, went to darien lake saturday with meghan, it was really fun. got stoned all day and just relaxed.:) i finally went on the skycoaster. and i seriously anyone that is afaid of heights, you might want to close your eyes.......the whole time!!! i'm really not that bad with heights, but i literally bawled my eyes out when we were being lifted up! that's the part that got me. that and all the anticipation. i havn't cried on a ride since i was like 8 years old when my sister(...hmm is there some kind of connection here?...)went on the ferris wheel at our town fair. they don't have it anymore and havn't for quite some time, but i was so afraid of that damned thing. but after the first time, i went on a couple more times, so it wasn't too bad. well that's all i have to say i guess. maybe i'll post again tomorrow!

Current mood: okay

Thursday, August 28, 2003

4:27PM - if we reap what we sew, than how come we don't sew what we reap....don't think too hard!

hmmm...what should i bitch about today...oh yeah i know...there's is a guy that i work with and he's a god damn dickhead, he smells like fart, and he has no fucking life. i'm really starting to get sick of him. if he dosn't quit with the shit, i'm letting my boss know, of course i think he already wants to fire him. he's an asshole to everyone, not just me. dickbag. he fuckin' talks to himself too, he's a fuckin weirdo, i think he's going to go columbine on crosible one of these days...you know he's one of those smart geeky types, quiet, most of the time, has no social life, friends, girlfriend ect. he grew up without a father and his mother is an alcoholic drug abuser. i feel really bad for him, but sometimes he just pisses me off. anyhoo, i'm into this really good book, (now i know this is going to sound odd, but please hold the fucked up faces until i explain why i'm reading this book) its called the encyclopedia of serial killers. its fuckin' gross, but that type of shit interests me. charles manson is a fucked up dude! so far i'v read criminal files for him, jeffery dahmer (suck fuck), boston strangler, zodiac killer, ted bundy, and some dude named albert fish, that in my eyes is the most discusting animal ever created on this fucked up earth. i read this at work and i get alot of funny looks. i think it's funny. and my boss let me borrow the damn book, but they have it at walmart for like 12 bucks, i think i'm gonna get it. and as weird as it sounds, i think alot of this shit i'm reading helps out alot with my interest in the human mind, the pyche, if you will. k enough weird shit. i'm really bored right now. the "guys" and i are going to binghamton for the go carts tonight. we had alot of fun monday so were going again tonight. it should be pretty fun, i think a couple of others are going too, hopefull it's not john and crustal. yucky. my sis and i are going to darien lake saturday, that should be pretty fun, i havn't hung out with my sister, just the two of us, in along ass time. kelli, if your reading this tonight, i'll be at my parents house around 10-10:30 if you want to hang out, just call my cell phone if you want. big dicks taking the day off tomorrow, so i wont have a ride to hell tomorrow. just let me know. k well i think i'v typed plenty for today, i guess i'm making up for the week i didn't write! heehee. it's boring doing it everyday!

Current mood: blah

Sunday, August 24, 2003

9:08PM - hey there. hi there, ho there!

this weekend was ok, i guess. didn't do much. went to the fair saturday, whoo hoo. there was way too many fuckin' people there. fuck that. today i visited my parents for a while and had dinner there. it was pretty good. rick's at the races and i'm home alone. yep sad but true:) i actually enjoy being alone, it helps me identify with my true being. i'm really tired tonight, i'll probebly go to bed when i'm done here. my neighbors are dirt bags and i want out. rick and i are supposed to be moving to moravia some time soon, so that we can start saving money for florida, well that was his idea anyways, now it sounds like he dosn't want to do it. well i told him the other night that i'm gonna fix or i'm thinking about fixing the little house next door to my parents house and live in there for a few months. i really can't stand living where i live right now. sometimes i seriously cry when i think of how boring and depressing life is right now. why can't pot be legal? what the fuck? well that's all i have for tonight. bye

Current mood: annoyed

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

10:00PM - You are the perfect drug

hello, i am erin and i'm a chain smoking methadone abuser! i have a problem! no not really i like to fool people into thinking i'm a way cool druggie...(haha). yeah so anyways, it's really cold in my bedroom right now. the air conditioner has been on all day long. no wonder. work was work today, not too bad. i left at 1:30 to go to the dentist. that was fun. turns out i need four caps, one crown, and my back wisdom tooth pulled, that ought to be a shit kickin' time. jenny was at work today, she seemed ok, she said she couldn't stand to be in her house any longer, so she came in today. (jenny's grandson died in a car accident last thursday...i think) poor jenny, she's such a sweet lady. i bought her a sympathy card tonight, i hope she dosn't cry on me when i give it to her. dick and a few others...went to pizza hut for dinner. it was yummy. our waitress hit on big dick big time, she was all up in his koolaid and didn't even care about the flavor. lol. it was funny. then we headed up to arnold palmer and drove a bucket of balls, it was pretty fun. i'm starting to take a likeing to golf...i know that is so not me, but hey what can i say. i just started a new book yesterday, i'm reading jeff foxworthy's autobiography type thing, it's the funniest shit, that guy tears me up. next, i'm getting into jim's biography (if you don't know who i mean when i say jim, i feal bad for you, that you have been living a sheltered life, and has had no interest in the lizard king....so what if he was an acid lover, he was a great poet) anyways i think that's all i have to talk about now, so maybe i'll update tomorrow or something...maybe...

Current mood: cold

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

11:38PM - what the fuck?

i just wrote a bunch of shit and it didn't even work, now i have to start all over again! what the fuck? fuck it!

Current mood: tired

Monday, August 18, 2003



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6:42PM - Runnin' just as fast as we can, holding each other's hand...

hola compadres! how the fuck are we today? i'm just fuckin' chipper! today has been a really good day for me! strange you say? yes, but don't say it too loud, it dosn't happen for me too often:) i had a lot of fun at work today, we just fucked around all day. my boss is on vaca! he's pretty cool anyways. i have been laughing all day, i think someone slipped me some nitrouse or something...well my weekend rocked! kelli and i bonded friday (hee hee) and i got an outfit for my cousins wedding. that was interesting...saturday morning my hair was done beautifly (thanks kell) which got lots of compliments!!! the wedding was absolutely beautiful. probebly the most beautiful wedding i'v ever been to! got lots of pics, and i want to post them, but i have to find out how to do it. i learned something new about the blouse i wore. a little fashion tip if you will. anyways i'm an idiot, bottom line. didn't get too drunk, but was feeling damn good, and shakin' my shit to brick house. they played alot of disco, which was pretty cool. i like some disco, just the classics though. sunday was pretty boring, i came home and cleaned and rearranged my bedroom, it looks really cool now, and more spaciouse. we got rid of some more shit. i watched a really good movie last night, and when i find it on dvd i'm buying it. i think i'v seen it at walmart. it's called ghostworld. thora birch is in it. she rocks. and scarlett johansson, she rocks too. and she's hot. yeah so anyways i'm done now...i think...yeah i am...bye.

Current mood: amused

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

4:10PM - just a day, just an ordinary day...

well hello, to the 2 people who read my journal (and whomever else that just goes through random journals looking for dates):). so far my day is going good, i guess. i'm kinda tired, but i'll take that over being an unreachable outcast any day...j/k:) my spirits are higher this week, i'm done feeling sorry for myself...for now:) not too much on my mind today! i try not to let my brain work overtime these days. the great new york state fair is in 2 weeks yahoo! "ladies and gentlemen, i am sorry to inform you that the butter sculpture this year of the troops slitting sadam's throat, was melted down, however you can view the remains of it, which was poured over the popcorn sculpture of the friendly, peace lovin, hippies, shown in the center of progress building." fuckin' hicks! i only go to eat! screw the $10 bucks a pop rides, or the damn farm animals with lime disease. if i wanted to pet a cow, i would stop off of the side of the road somewhere on someone's farm. damnitt. well that's it, that's all i have to say today, maybe i'll update later maybe not. kelli check your mail chica!

Current mood: at peace

Monday, August 11, 2003


i, erin michelle bachman have officially hit rock bottom. i strive for better days and yet i get nothing in return. why is that? i know i'm a good person, and i know that i deserve better than this? so why am i depending on a fucking pill to make me a "tolerable" person. why? fuck it. this weekend sucked major ass hole! rick and i got into it friday night! he said something that hurt me...alot, and i know he didn't mean it, but the point was that he said it. anyways saturday was the infamouse august 9th...as easy as it's been for me over the few years, it really sucks on the actual day. i tried getting a hold of kay-tee all weekend, she's the only one i can talk to about that. everyone else just rolls their eyes and says to get over it. fuck them. and fuck livejournal!

Current mood: blah

Friday, August 8, 2003

8:13PM - Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, fuck...thought i was gonna type shit again didn't you?

well shit, today just sucked the big one at work. i was in a bad mood as soon as my alarm clock didn't go off!!! i was so mad. and it was foggy as hell outside this morning, big dick couldn't see shit, so we were almost late to work. my lunch made me want to puke. i don't feel to keen right now. i'm awaiting the trouble i'm in for when i get home! no not really, but i do feel like shit. i don't even think i'll be able to eat supper...yuck. my mother is watching big brother 28! i hate these fuckin' reality tv shows, whenever they come on, i feel like kicking the tv! what ever happened to the good old fashioned sitcoms? like the cosby show or the facts of life? or alf? even full house for christ's sake!!! i'm about sick of all of these crime and law shows to i could yak....ooooh...sounds tempting. who the fuck cares about how you had to eat peanut butter and jelly all week bitch!!!....sorry, now i'm getiing a little carried away. well i'm done ranting for tonight, stay tuned for tomorrow when i rant even more about my meaningless and pathetic life:(.......you laugh......

Current mood: distressed

Wednesday, August 6, 2003

9:46PM - WTF!!!

hey, i wasn't done yet...i'm sick of trusting people and have it blow up in my face...fuck people they all suck! and if the betrayer is reading this...(which their probebly not...), i have but one thing to say to you..."FUCK YOU"!!! there...i feel better now. work sucked today...and not quite 15 minutes ago we were all ready to go to dinner and danielle fucking ruined it, i said to rick i was going home, and he said we probebly wont even go...so now i'm typing on the computer and being bored little erin. it's ok though, cause i really can't stand to be around danielle for more than an hour anyways...that and i wasn't too hungry, it would have been a waste of money for me anyways...so that's it, that's all i have to complain about...i really need to get my perscription filled, trying to ween off the drugs just isn't workin' for me...i need help!!!:) j/k. k-bye

Current mood: bitchy

9:06PM - Fuck you world!

musn't trust anyone!!!
(tip of the god damn day)!!!

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